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Gallery Exhibitions

Gallery Exhibitions are scheduled and curated by Courtyard Arts (  If you are interested in exhibiting in the Gallery, you can find more details at


Now Exhibiting: Amanda Alexander
30th August - 24th September 2017

Amanda has lived in Hertford for 20 years and took up photography whilst running, just snapping shots on her iPhone, usually without stopping.
It's become her greatest passion; capturing some lovely views in the early mornings.



Hertford Women’s Society
26th September- 22nd October 2017

Hertford Women’s Society are hosting a fashion event showing their latest collection through photography.
Fashion photography has its own aesthetic enhancing the model, garments and accessories in a particular setting. Fashion is about the individual and making a difference for that person.
Clothing is important to us all as it can evoke emotions and give us confidence in situations, it is essentially a form of expressionism.


Four Painters
24th October- 19th November 2017 

Painting has wandered in many different directions. Anthony Cleyndert, John Little, Ben Slater and Peer Towers offer their personal approaches, veering between figurative, abstraction and somewhere in-between. 

‘The Elegant Universe’ by Kim Major-George & Steve Thorp
21st November- 24th December 2017

A collection of hand pulled prints by the established artist printmaker Kim Major-George and connecting poetry by Steve Thorp.
The work is inspired by the concept of Gaia, the personification of Earth, and its connections to man and the universe.