PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical issues we are unable to take telephone bookings from 10am on 21st October. You can continue to book on-line and in person at our box office. We anticipate that telephone bookings will be available again from 10am on Tues 24th October. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
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1. to cause young to emerge from (the egg) as by brooding or incubating.

2. to bring forth or produce; devise; create; contrive; concoct (to hatch a scheme).

Hatch at Hertford Theatre seeks to establish and develop our relationship with new and under-represented audiences by supporting the delivery of relevant and targeted productions and programmes of work as part of the Hertford Theatre offer.

Hatch  is an opportunity for individual artists, arts practitioners, theatre companies and other appropriate community organisations to find a safe, non-critical place to try out new ideas, develop new ways of working and to engage with the programme of work at Hertford Theatre. 


Got something to Hatch?  Then come in for a chat

Please contact Rhys Thomas, Director, Hertford Theatre. - 01992 531614