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Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Is a place where people can come to feel happier, healthier, safer and proud. 

We believe that:

We make a difference. Artistic endeavour and engagement have the capacity to change people’s lives and contribute to a sense of well-being.

We are a catalyst for togetherness and social cohesion.

We play a vital role in developing the cultural and economic life of East Hertfordshire and the people who live here.

We demonstrate this by:

Making and presenting work that impacts on people of all ages through professional performances, participation, education and sheer value-for-money enjoyment.

Maintaining an open, accessible and friendly environment.

Promoting the theatre and its skilled staff to be dynamic partners in the pursuit of positive, social and cultural change.

Pursuing pathways to new audiences by breaking down the barriers to attendance and engagement wherever possible.

Fostering creativity, diversity and inclusivity in all we do.