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Gallery Exhibitions

Gallery Exhibitions

Gallery Exhibitions are scheduled and curated by Courtyard Arts (  

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Now Exhibiting: 


Rose Gooding, Peggy Quinn and Maureen Masterman

24th April– 20th May
This show reunites three artist friends who studied at Oaklands College.
This exhibition is an expression of three women’s inspiration and passion for art in all its various forms, from figurative portraits to encaustic abstracts and other mixed media pieces.

Annemarie Oshelda and George Gill

22nd May  – 6th June
George’s favourite media is painting in oils, which, in itself, offers a wide scope for experimenting. His aim is to retain integrity when responding to the powers of his inspiration to translate subject matter onto canvas.
For some years Annemarie often used strong, but dark colours in most of her work.
She has been creating paintings of a surreal nature, which often were a reflection of turbulent emotional moments, amongst her abstract and her figurative work.
She ultimately aims to capture the movement and the feeling of what she sees, expressing this by combining figurative elements and moving towards the abstract.
Art and Music help define both of their lives.

FROM THE STUDIO - A cycle of paintings by Stephen Hough

8th – 17th June
On display at Herford Theatre throughout the Hertfordshire Festival of Music, From the Studio brings together a selection of recent paintings by this year’s resident artist Stephen Hough.
The intimate display focuses on a range of new works on grease paper, complemented by a selection of paintings on canvas. 

Peter Greening

19th June – 15th July
Pete is a self-taught artist painting geometric abstract works exploring the optical effects of linear distortion and arithmetical progression.
The patterns and colours used are carefully selected to create either an optical illusion of movement, or to create a feeling of tension on the surface of the painting.

Richard Sutton ‘Snappy’

17th July – 12th August
Richard works mostly in his studio developing his paintings and drawing from photographs and memory, gained from his observations of day to day life in and around his home in Hertfordshire, including London.