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Ribbon of Dreams Short Film Festival 2019 - Whole Festival Tickets (16+)
Ribbon of Dreams Short Film Festival 2019 - Whole Festival Tickets (16+)

Ribbon of Dreams Short Film Festival 2019 - Whole Festival Tickets (16+)

Saturday 18th May, 2pm - 7.30pm

Whole festival ticket: £12 
Suitable for: ages 16+ ( Includes bad language and scenes of a sexual nature)
Duration:  2pm onwards
Other: This event takes place in our River Room, which has unallocated seating.

Session 1: 2pm - Animation (30 minutes)
Includes scenes with a sexual tone

It starts with
Director: Laura Nasir-Tamara
‘It starts with’ is a 2D animation short about people falling in and out of love, and also making tiny teacups.

Director: Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser
The long trip of an astronaut in the space.

Anna (Kidnapper)
Director: Kaichi Sato
“Anna” is a tribute and homage to old movies of the 60’s, a sophisticated cartoon with trendy visual effects.

Followed by Q&A and a short comfort break

Session 2 : 3pm - Documentary (45 minutes)

A Bit of This & A Bit of That
Director: Jake Gill, Liam Steers, Alexander Deniston, Elizabeth Ratcliffe
Hidden away amongst the backstreets of Manchester’s Northern Quarter lies This & That, a small Indian café owned by Ismail Mallu, a first-generation Indian migrant who has been openly embraced as an exemplary figure in Mancunian society.

Reality of Life
Director: Kadio Nguessan Jean
This short narrative film is about a single man who leave his country to fight for a better future in a foreign land.

Europe In A Tuk Tuk
Director: William Shears
Callum has just 3 months to drive a tuk-tuk through 28 European countries. Its passengers find themselves facing obscure challenges, while their Indian, three-wheeled taxi adapts to the vast landscapes of an entire continent.

Followed by Q&A and a comfort break

Session 3: 4:30pm- Drama (55 minutes)
Includes films dealing with challenging themes which some viewers may find triggering

Director: Lucy Rose
Emma goes on a hike to try and get some fresh air and much-needed isolation. The film explores mental health and how it can have long-term effects - a hand to hold isn't always the magic solution to psychological illness.

Two Words
Director: Jesper Emborg
A dramatic account of grief and self-realization, when 64-year old Gavin reveals to his grown-up daughter, Victoria, that he's been living a lie during his 35 years of marriage and now intends to be true to himself.

Ipler (The Yarn)
Director: Gokce Pehlivanoglu
A Greek-Turkish couple and their little daughter, travel with their caravan in the Turkish seaside of the Aegean Sea. This time however, their journey ends with a fantastic reflection of a tale that the parents always tell to their daughter.

Director: Ethan McDowell
Lúbtha is a short film inspired by true events and follows the story of a teenager dealing with his sexuality whilst having to grow up in early 90s Northern Ireland.

Followed by Q&A and a short comfort break

Session 4: 6pm - Comedy (55 minutes)
Includes bad language and scenes of a sexual nature

Chaos Toad
Director: Carlos Lopes
Stuck living as a full-time carer for his distant mother Andy receives a surprise intervention from his fabulous imaginary childhood friend.

Sleep Tight, Don't Let the Existential Crisis Bite!
Director: Riley Wong
In the late-night-early-hours of the morning, Gary has an existential crisis; he questions the meaning of life, much to the annoyance of his level-headed partner Meg, who attempts to calm him down.

Director: Ricky J Payne
In the search for true romance, George and Emily swipe away their expectations of online dating... A Non Rom Com.

The Liar
Director: Jack Salvadori
1963. As the swinging cultural revolution is flourishing in London, a shadow of paranoia is casted on a tiny, English town. Roy, the village fool, is not only convinced that Adolf Hitler is still alive, but also that he is running the local bakery. How much should his obsessive suspicions be trusted, and what is he willing to do to prove his identity?

Followed by Q&A, a short comfort break and voting for best film

The Awards ceremony followed by drinks, nibbles and a networking opportunity will be at 7:30pm

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