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Gallery Exhibitions

Gallery Exhibitions

Gallery Exhibitions are scheduled and curated by Courtyard Arts (  

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Now Exhibiting: 

Fantasy Pants & Familiar Observation 

Trefor Ball

28th August – 16th September

Following many years photography for the music press and managing a University photographic department.
Trefor is endeavouring to entertain and amuse with his new artwork.
Showing are a selection from Fantasy Pants, his hand crafted literal interpretations of colloquial phrases.
Together with his collection of observational images transforming the usual into the unusual.

Personal Perspectives
Annie Tappenden

18th September - 7th October

I see the sacred in art and life as our source and our existence and struggles.
I honour this both objectively and subjectively in my artwork as best as I can. I am more than ever interested in ‘mark making’, using a pencil to discover my world, if you like.

In the Line of Duty: Askari of the British Empire 
Ademola Adeniji

9th October - 4th November

This will be a showcase of framed photographs, documenting the contributions and sacrifices made by African soldiers in WW1- taken from various archives including the Imperial War Museum Collection.

Hertford Regional  College Showcase
Further and Higher Education Programmes of Study

4th December - 23rd December

Hertford Regional College will be showcasing work by students on both our Further and Higher Education Programmes of Study.
There will be a mix of handmade and traditional and creative use of both contemporary and traditional Art and Design Processes.
There will be an  opportunity to buy work from our successful Creative Enterprise Pop-Up Shop. 
Instagram at @hrccreativeenterprise.