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During the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, Hertford Theatre closed to the public on 17th March, along with venues worldwide to help stop the spread of the virus. 

However- at a time when families and friends were kept apart and we all stayed at home, we wanted to let our community know we were still here, waiting for the day when they could return and create happy memories with family and friends.

We came up with #HugHertfordTheatre, so our audiences could give us a hug and send in their photos, drawings, poems and more.

The response was amazing!

We had so many wonderful things sent in by email or in the post, from all ages and once lockdown lifted a little bit, people started to visit Hertford just to have a look our windows, where we displayed all our "hugs"!

Everyone who visited enjoyed trying to spot people they recognised, family members, friends from school as noone was able to mix with anyone they didn't live with.

We finished collecting "hugs" at the end of June 2020 and decided to put it online, as a reminder of this strange time and so people could continue enjoying the fabulous work and effort that everyone put in!


Thank you Hertford, we felt so loved!